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9 Tips to Keep Your Home Secure from Christmas Burglars This Holiday Season

12/12/2017 (Permalink)

Community 9 Tips to Keep Your Home Secure from Christmas Burglars This Holiday Season Christmas Burglar

Christmas season is the best time of the year. It’s a time for family, friends, and lots of merriment. Sadly, statistics also indicate that burglaries around this time of the year spike exponentially. This has a lot to do with the fact that burglars are aware that there are lots of gifts in the house and probably extra money lying around. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) over 400,000 burglaries take place during the holiday season.

Keeping all of that in mind, we’ve put together a list of tips for you to protect your home and keep it secure during the holidays.


1. Make Sure Gifts Aren’t Visible From Outside

It’s such a common sight during this time of the year – a frosted window from which you can see a beautiful Christmas tree all lit up, with dozens of gifts underneath it. This sight is enough to make a potential burglar size up your house. With all those gifts in plain sight, how are they supposed to resist?

That’s why you need to make sure that your tree and the gifts underneath it are not visible from outside.  Remove temptation and you reduce the chances of becoming a burglary victim.

2. Watch What You Post on Social Media

Potential burglars are like hawks on social media. They look through posts seeking out information on the types of gifts people have gotten, or when they plan to leave their homes for Christmas shopping or for vacation.

The information you choose to post online can be used against you. Therefore, take care not to post about valuables that may be in your home under the Christmas tree, or when the house will be empty.

3. Be Careful About Disposing of Packaging

If you’ve gotten gifts during the holiday season, you may get so caught up with enjoying them that you don’t pay attention to disposing of the packaging. If you put the packaging out in the trash, which will then be sitting by the curb waiting to be picked up, you’re basically telling the whole world what sort of gifts are inside.

Burglars are always on the lookout for such garbage items.  That’s why you need to be very careful about disposing the packaging.

4. Don’t Run External Lights through a Window

Those pretty lights which adorn the exterior of your home need to be plugged in, right? Correct! Just make sure that you don’t run their wires through a window or door leading inside. That little wedge that the wire will leave is all a burglar needs to pry their way in.

5. Make Sure Your Home is Well-Lit

Remember, thieves and burglars love operating under the protection of darkness. When visibility is low, they can do whatever they please while knowing that no one will be able to see what they are up to.

If your house is well-lit, the chances of any ‘funny business’ taking place on your property are reduced. Make sure you have floodlights or motion activated lighting around the exterior of your home.

6. Put Your Lights on a Timer

Another quirk that burglars are known for is getting down the perfect time to break into a home. They do this by waiting for signs of inactivity or absence of occupants. One tell-tale sign that broadcasts that no one is home is when the lights are off.

That’s why you should put your Christmas lights, as well as some lights on the interior and exterior of your home on a timer. With these lights on, a burglar won’t feel so sure about the fact that your house is empty.

7. Make Use of Motion Sensors

Motion sensors trip when they detect movement around a certain perimeter. They can activate lights, or an alarm. Setting up motion sensors on your property is a good way to effectively deter anyone from breaking into your home.

8. Be Wary of Door to Door Donation Seekers

During the holiday season, you’ll have Christmas carolers come to your door, as well as people seeking donations for various charitable causes. The unfortunate thing is that you can’t really be sure about whether these individuals actually do represent the organizations that they claim to. It could be a sham where they try to get some money out of you, or they may carry out some form of a survey from which they can try to determine when would be the best time to break into you home.

Caution: Be wary, do not give out any personal information, and don’t give out any money without properly ascertaining their credentials.

9. Secure Your Home

Last but not least, make sure your home is secure during the holiday season. Check your windows and doors to make sure all locks are intact. If you don’t have one already, invest in a home security system which will protect your home and your family.

Christmas season is a merry and busy time. Unfortunately, burglars and thieves try to cash in on the spoils of the season by burglarizing homes. For this reason, you should take proper steps to ensure that your home is secure from all possible threats. By taking these steps, you can effectively reduce the chances of becoming a victim to a burglary.


6/12/2017 (Permalink)

Community OPEN HOUSE / RIBBON CUTTING SERVPRO of Rockwall/Rowlett - Open House/Ribbon Cutting

SERVPRO of Rockwall/Rowlett would like to thank everyone for attending our Open House and Ribbon Cutting event on June 8th at our new Rowlett location. Having each of you there and with your support made the event successful and memorable. With your support SERVPRO of Rockwall/Rowlett continues to grow with amazing friendships, adventures and success.

Special thanks to the Rowlett Chamber of Commerce and their continued support of local businesses.

We also would like to thank our other guests who shared the time with us. We had great food, networking, facility tours and door prizes.

Thank you to everyone who participated!!!

Thanks again for showing up and helping to launch the new facility. We look forward to working with friends and neighbors for all their Restoration needs.

SERVPRO of Rockwall/Rowlett is always "Here to Help!"  Give us a call, we are available 24/7/365 for any and all emergency service needs!

Royse City Homecoming 2015

9/18/2015 (Permalink)

Community Royse City Homecoming 2015 The pavilion set up with 6 centrifugal air movers. The band, drill team, and onlookers enjoyed the cool breeze created by cooling station.

SERVPRO of Rockwall/Rowlett supported one of their local teams today with a cooling zone and a presence in the Royse City Homecoming Parade.  With nearly record-breaking temperatures in the mid to high 90s, SERVPRO of Rockwall/Rowlett headed out to the suburbs of Dallas to set up some fans for a cooling zone in order to help the band and drill team keep their cool until the parade began.  

The same team also their black and gold as they took their shiny new Van for a spin in the parade!  Many Crowd-goers gave SERVPRO of Rockwall/Rowlett a "shout-out" as they passed by with 3 team members, AJ, Glenn, and Kendra, joyfully waving and greeting the crowd.

It was a proud moment for SERVPRO to go out and show their support for the Royse City Bulldogs on this special day.  Go Bulldogs!

American Red Cross Partnership Teaches Others

5/18/2015 (Permalink)

Community American Red Cross Partnership Teaches Others Cindy and Kendra from SERVPRO of Rockwall/Rowlett pose for a picture as they prepare to deploy with their other team members, FEMA, and ARC partners.

Several members of the SERVPRO of Rockwall/Rowlett team joined forces with FEMA at an American Red Cross sponsored canvassing event.  At this event, teams of two went door-to-door in a local mobile home community to educate families on the risk of home fires.  Mobile homes are the most common type of home affected by fire every year, and more deaths and injuries result from these fires than in any other housing type.  

As we knocked on each door, we offered information on how to prevent home fires, evacuation plans and meeting places, and smoke detector testing and replacement.  While some focused on educating, others, including the Wylie Fire Department, helped with smoke detector installation and battery replacement.  

Although it was early on a Saturday morning, residents were glad to see our faces, make a connection, and work together to keep their families safe.

Overall, more than 170 homes were reached, and over 20 new smoke detectors were installed and countless batteries replaced.  In addition to assisting the community, SERVPRO of Rockwall/Rowlett fostered new relationships that will allow future engagement in the local community projects to educate and prevent accidents.

We look forward to our next opportunity to serve in our local communities such as Wylie, Sachse, Rockwall, Rowlett and Royse City.


1/20/2015 (Permalink)

Community FREEZING TEMPS FOSTER COMMUNITY This is a picture of the water damage that occurred at one of the homes in Alabama before our crews cleaned up the mess and saved the flooring.

As the temperatures plummeted early in the year, SERVPRO storm teams in Alabama called upon SERVPRO of Rockwall/Rowlett to aid in emergency services all over the Birmingham area.  With temperatures dropping dramatically and quickly, homes all over the area experienced water damages from pipes to water heaters bursting.  

Fortunately, with such a strong network, SERVPRO of Rockwall/Rowlett came to the rescue for three of the victims, within one week!  These three families experienced varying degrees of water damage, as indicated by the photos.  But, our Storm Team Members, Jimmy and Aaron, mitigated the water damage, ensured the customers that their services would restore their homes and possessions, making this just a small moment in time, "Like it never even happened."

Jimmy and Aaron returned safely to the Rockwall/Rowlett area and picked up immediately with much of the same work in our own neighborhood.  These two men are great examples of what it means to "Be a Hero."